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Hello, welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy your time here.

I'm a comedian, podcaster and writer from the glorious coastline city of Southend-On Sea.

I host The Comedian's Tea Party, the podcast where I drink tea and have chats with comedians, musicians, actors, improvisers, writers and basically anyone I find interesting.

Currently I'm doing my level best to tour Si-Clops, a brand new stand-up hour all about how I went a bit blind for a while (find out more here), I'm also very excited to be writing a sitcom that recently garnered the feedback "this isn't funny and I don't know why you're writing it".

You may have heard me on 

If you want to hear me or see me on more things, head over to my contact page and book me.

In the mean time, pour yourself a tea, listen to my podcast and enjoy your day!



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For bookings enquiries, get in contact directly by clicking below

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