Si, it's so nice to meet you. I really like your website.

That's not a question, but thank you very much.

Where can we see you live?

You see that 'SHOWS' button in the menu? Click that. It has all of my upcoming gigs, as well as information on my hour specials and where I'll be performing them.

Have you got a CV I can look at?

Well that's very formal, but yes. go to the 'ABOUT' page and that is basically it. Although there is also a button so you can view it externally. Alternatively, copy and paste this link into your browser bar - http://comedycv.co.uk/sideaves

Si, you're super handsome and/or I'd to get in touch about some "business".

Again, that's not a question, I'm not sure you've managed to grasp the concept of what we're doing here. Regardless, go to 'CONTACT' in the menu up there and say hello. I'd love to hear from you and/or play your gig, if that's what you meant by "business". Why did you add the quotation marks? You've made it seem ominous.

Si, I want to watch your comedy, but I don't want to have to leave my house, what can I do?

Youtube. Or click the 'MEDIA' button and... To be honest, I'm dumbfounded that you've managed to get this far into the site without knowing how to navigate a website. I'm not answering any more of these questions, it's getting ridiculous.


That's quite alright, I love you very much for coming to my website, please like all of my social media things (links at the bottom of every page) and enjoy your stay here.

Can I submit any questions that may show up in your FAQs?

Yes, absolutely, that would be a lot of fun. Contact me through my 'CONTACT' page, just go back a few questions and find out how to do that.

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